Press Clips, Day 5, Evening Edition: The New Unlikely Media Hangout Has Been Crowned


It’s raining, it’s pouring, better Late Monday edition of Press Clips than never, right here:

Can Haz Gawker Funniez: For the record, Gawker did not debut a redesign today, it’s just that Peter Kafka decided to write about it today. Look: Alex Pareene is still on the masthead. That Beta site’s been there for a while, now. Anyway, bloggers ‘been blogging ’bout how some of the text is too big, or too small, but you gotta admit: if that’s a real-time counter of the visitors on the site with a uniques stat on it (it’s on the top-left corner of the page), and if it works, pretty cool, and typically scary. In other Gawker-related “ish,” Richard Blakeley ran an ad for Gawker.TV interns today with a photo of himself, Whitney Jefferson, and Mike Byhoff at the top. But, um, Byhoff and Gawker.TV parted ways (in what’s been characterized as an ugly split) a few months ago. Tasteful! Also, if you want, enjoy these pictures from the Gawker Beer Pong Tournament held this weekend. Though if you plan on applying for that internship — and not quitting early on — you might want to take a closer look to see what the interns were up to. Or you can just read this leaked email:

From: Richard Blakeley
Date: August 16, 2010 6:18:58 PM EDT

Subject: Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who helped fill up beer bins, carry ice, do PR, run to get beer pong tables, sit downstairs and check people in, clean up the deck, etc. etc. I remember who all of you are and I won’t forget all the hard work you put into helping make this Saturday happen.

In case you missed it, here are some cool photos from Saturday’s 2nd Annual Gawker Media Beer Pong Tournament sponsored by Vespa Brooklyn: (PHOTOS FROM NICK MCGLYNN: TAG YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS!) (PHOTOS FROM MICHAEL TOOLAN)

Congrats to College Humor’s “Redeem Team” who defeated Gawker.TV in the championship this year (No I’m not bitter, we’re young so we’ll get you next year).

Special thanks to Nick Mcglynn and Michael Toolan for the amazing photos and DJ Frankenmack for spinning, James Del for being the official ref, and of course Brooklyn Vespa and Iced Media for sponsoring the event.

And also Thank you to all who came out and if you couldn’t we’re sorry we missed you but hope to see you next Summer!

Richard Blakeley | Gawker Media

Beer duty, people. It happens. Congradulations to College Humor for being the most athletic alcoholics among the collected people there. Finally, if you ever had the desire, now you can know what Nick Denton does during the weekend, and where to find him when he does it:

Well, as far as hangouts go, it certainly beats the shit out of Tom & Jerry’s.

Page Six’s Blacktacular Weekend Blunder: What’s so funny about Page Six mistaking one black guy for another? Nothing! That’s never funny. Except when it happens on the same page where Sean Delonas’ infamous ‘Obama Monkey’ cartoon ran, in the same paper plagued with accusations of newsroom racism in recent years. Jeff Bercovici was on it.

WaPo Whines: Mike Taylor at Fishbowl NY notes the Washington Post‘s kvetching about government regulation hurting their business, specifically, their schoolbook/education business under the Kaplan umbrella. Maybe they should just make the Washington Post more tolerable and — instead of helping them resign — let the bloggers blog. They’re more likely to pursue other revolutionary revenue sources, unfrotunately.

With The New York Times: Michael Calderone reported on how the New York Times isn’t going to be referring to the “Islamic community center in lower Manhattan” as the “Ground Zero Mosque” simply because it isn’t accurate, and talked to NYT standards editor Phil Corbett about it. As far as good decision making goes, having skipped out on an off-the-record lunch with President Obama last week, they’re on a bit of a roll lately, no?

NarcoHero: This story about an anonymous Mexican blogger beating the Narco War beat down is nothing short of awesome.

Fair Use Abuse Caboose Argument FunTimes: Last week, Jeff Bercovici went head-to-head with Mediaite over fair use. Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar responded on Friday and it looks really long, so I just skipped it and assumed there were some solid points in there, and that this is a complex issue, and that both sides are probably correct to some degree.

Wall Street You Later: Zeke Turner reports on the Wall Street Journal losing two reporters to National Review. Is there a running tally for how many people they’ve lost recently? There should be.

Once In A Lifetime Too Many: Here, via Dan Frommer. Go watch the Jersey Shore kids be assholes “IRL.”

CNN Potty Error: Yes, this is funny. Stupid, juvenile, immature, but funny.

Long Mondays! They happen. We’re working on something special here in the Press Clips Lab for next week. Stay tuned, and send me tips, because I want them and need them, please. Thanks.