Regular Old Williamsburg People Fight for Bike Justice in Brooklyn


Earlier this month we wrote about Brooklyn novelist Jami Attenberg’s daring sting-op retrieval of her stolen bike with the investigative help of Voice writer Maura Johnston. That little tale, which involved smarts, diligent detective work, and a bit of luck with Craigslist, had an adorably happy ending and left us all with a warm, fuzzy feeling — who hasn’t wanted to stop dastardly bike thieves and induce the return of rightful items to rightful owners in their spare time? Well, now it seems that others have caught the spirit of Brooklyn bike justice.

Attenberg alerted us to this Craigslist post:

Found: Stolen Beach Crusier (Williamsburg)
Date: 2010-08-14, 11:29AM EDT
Reply to:

On Sunday, July 31st, I bought a bike from the guy in this story:

I don’t want a stolen bike and if this is yours, I want to get it back to you.

It’s a beach cruiser. If you think I might have your bike, please email me a decent description or a photo of it. If your description matches the bike that I have, then we can arrange a time for you to pick it up (in Williamsburg).

I’m not asking for money and I won’t accept any. Just trying to do the right thing here.

I’m not going to respond to every email – if you don’t hear back from me then I don’t have the bike you’re looking for.

Wow, people sure are being nice these days. What’s up with that?

Well, except for this:

Ok, that’s more like it.