The Sad List of Lil Wayne’s Prison Provisions


Via TMZ, chief ghouls of this particular game: 20 $.44 US postage stamps; 20 envelopes; 10 Nacho Cheese Doritos; 5 Cool Ranch Doritos; 5 Hershey Bars; 5 Hall’s; 10 Ruffles; 2 “chocolate chip”; 2 Kool-Aid Punch, 6 Oz. each; 2 Kool-Aid Cherry; 1 “VISTACHEWYCHOCHIPS”; 50 Sugar in Raw; 5 Ramen Soup; 5 Hudson Coffee; 5 “Beef Stick”; 3 Poland Spring Water; 2 “Tone”; 5 Gatorade Fruit Punch. While scanning this list, keep in mind two things: Lil Wayne’s candy addiction, and the utter hopelessness of the prison commissary. “Well ain’t nothing going on in here but the time,” the MC says in his newest letter from Rikers, “which seems like it’s taking forever.” [TMZ/WeezyThanxYou]

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