Adults Want Kids’ Birthday Parties; Restaurants Accept Cash Only


An English professor from Manhattan was forcibly ejected from an Upper West Side Starbucks after refusing to order her bagel “without butter or cheese,” which she claimed was linguistically stupid.
[NY Post]

Fruits and vegetables are ripening early this year due to warm weather, likely leading some farms to harvest fall crops before Labor Day.
[Wall Street Journal]

Kids’-style birthday parties for adults are all the rage. Betsey Johnson, Charles Rangel, and Tracy Morgan are among celebrities leading the trend.
[NY Post]

More and more restaurants are accepting cash only as a means to avoid paying credit-card fees and perhaps even fudge their books.
[NY Post]

The Great Atlantic & Pacific, or the A&P, once a market leader, now runs just 429 stores in eight states, and is paring down those numbers even further.

Following in the footsteps of the makers of Hunt’s ketchup, Gatorade, and Starbucks’ pastries, Sara Lee is the latest food corporation to cut down on high-fructose corn syrup.
[Chicago Tribune]