Beny’s Delice: New Pastry Shop in Clinton Hill


Three pastries presented for your delectation (left to right): the very Parisian thick flan deposited in a pastry shell, tiramisu using traditional ladyfingers, and coffee éclairs.

“You know how far I used to have to go to get a pastry around here?” my friend from Clinton Hill said, gesturing at the brand-new pastry shop on Fulton Street, sandwiched between the wine store and the Palestinian bodega with excellent fried chicken.

What the joint looks like.

“What about Cakeman Raven?” I retorted, referring to the African-American cake shop with the excellent red-velvet cake a few blocks west.

“That’s only cakes. What if you don’t want a gigantic piece of cake?” she said, an exasperated tone creeping into her voice.

“Well, what about Marquette, that French patisserie with other branches in Cobble Hill and Greenwich Village?” I offered.

“Closes too early in the evening.”

Don’t be a stranger to the pleasures of the glass case filled with savory items, including an interesting-looking salade niçoise on a puffy brioche.

Eventually we tried a trio of sweet pastries, including a tart of roasted fresh pineapple whose custard infrastructure my friend pronounced excellent, and a Parisian-style flan that would have been better had I bought it the day before. Still, a formidable addition to the neighborhood.

Beny’s Delice
903 Fulton Street
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

As an aid to maintaining your sanity, don’t stare at the wallpaper too long …