Blago a Go-Go! Rod Rallies, Hangs Ho-Hum Jury


Because nothing is surprising in the exploits of disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, his trial has ended, and all the jury came back with for him was one count of lying to federal agents, the least of his accusations. As for the other 24 counts of “racketeering, bribery, wire fraud and other crimes,” the jury came back hung. How’s Blagojevich feeling about all of this?

Haz a sad:

There wasn’t a visible sense of relief at the defense table after the verdict was read. Rod Blagojevich looked at the jury and shook his head as the verdict was read. It appeared the defense was hoping for acquittals on at least some counts.

His conviction carries a maximum sentence of five years of hard time, and he’s got a decent chance of getting it overturned (seeing as how the jury was so hung they even asked the judge for a copy of the oath they took as jurors). But still, nothing from his Twitter, though he’s probably allowed to make that mistake since he’s no longer under the (mean) court’s jurisdiction. At least we’ll always have the glorious, glorious memories he gave us.