Carroll Gardens Man Posts “Missing” Fliers for his VIP (Very Important Pants)


New Yorkers can be careless: We leave cell phones in cabs like they’re loose change; we lose our dignity at bars every weekend; we get locked out of our apartments more than we would care to admit, and sometimes, some of us lose extra specially important belongings — like this guy, Adam Grossetti from Carroll Gardens, did on his way to an audition, according to the Times.

Grossetti lost his pants while walking down the street. No, this story isn’t about nudity; the missing pants were in a dry-cleaning bag with the rest of the Valentino suit, but they also weren’t just any swanky suit pants. They were the pants that Grossetti wore when he married his wife in March.

Grossetti posted fliers all over his neighborhood, but so far, he is pants-less. In telling his story, the Times pointed out several other iconic New York lost-and-found stories, but only one beat out Grossetti’s lost wedding pants.

There was the time a few years ago at the Met, home to more than two million works of art, when a set of false teeth was discovered. An elderly man approached security later that day and explained that he had lost his teeth. He was handed the dentures. He put them in his mouth, chomped a few times and then handed them back. “Nope,” he said, “these are not mine.

But the denture story isn’t nearly as emotional:

“I’ve never owned a really expensive piece of clothing, but that had nothing to do with it,” Grossetti said. “It had something to do with it, but it was not what cost the most. The cost was an emotional cost. Every time I wore the suit, I was connected to that moment of dancing with my beautiful partner in Central Park.”

If you have any information leading to the discovery of this husband’s pants, let us know!