Dish No. 72: Sauerkraut Noodles at 8th Avenue Noodles


​Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, Fork in the Road’s handy list of some of our favorite dishes — old standbys and new finds alike — compiled daily.

Today’s pick: Sauerkraut Noodles ($3.30) at 8th Avenue Noodles (5017 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-853-3385).

The menu at 8th Avenue noodles, a relatively new Fujianese hand-pulled noodle joint, is rife with bewildering translations, like “thermometer soup” and “halogen intestines.” But the sauerkraut noodles turn out to be pretty accurately described — it’s just that instead of Germanic pickled cabbage, the noodles are covered in pickled Chinese mustard greens. Tart and salty with a bitter, mustardy edge, the greens lend verve and zip to the chewy, wheaten hand-pulled noodles.

As for those noodles, they’re made to order by the fellow who seems to own the place. From a giant mound of dough, he cuts a loaf-sized amount and proceeds to slap, bang, stretch, and twirl it until a cat’s cradle of long, thin noodles dangles between his hands. In soup, the noodles eventually lose their bite, but in this dish, they retain their delicate chew.

The dish is assembled with generous spoonfuls of the pickled greens, scallions, and a freshly fried egg. It’s enough for a generous (vegetarian) meal, and astoundingly cheap.

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