Freemans 2.0 Is Now Hiring


Earlier today, Grub Street wondered aloud when the new Freemans restaurant would open on the corner of Bowery and East 2nd Street. Thanks to Craigslist, that bastion of unintentional restaurant news, here’s some evidence that it will be opening sooner rather than later.

Per this post, which went up last night, “Freemans Second Restaurant” is in the process of hiring a pastry staff to work with pastry chef Shuna Lydon, who last worked at 10 Downing, according to

Quoth the ad:

People with bakery and or restaurant experience encouraged to apply. Full and part time positions open. Early and late shifts available. Positions available immediately. Menu is eclectic with a focus on farmers market produce and yeasted baked goods.

So. Eclectic, local, seasonal, and yeasty. And, if “positions available immediately” is any indication, probably going to give Pulino’s and DBGB a run for their money in the near-ish future.