“Ghost Stroller” Appears in Park Slope. What Could it Mean?


Park Slope mommies and daddies are a bit disturbed these days by the presence of an all-white stroller chained to a sign on the corner of Union Street and Sixth Avenue. What does it mean? Did a child die? Is someone just pranking the baby-obsessed residents of the Slope? Or, alternatively: Who cares?

The stroller’s been sitting there for two weeks while everyone mulls over the possibilities. There haven’t been any recent pedestrian (or stroller) fatalities in the area, so it’s unlikely that it’s a memorial. The New York Times‘ Susan Dominus writes in her bizarrely highfalutin piece about the stroller (Ernest Hemingway makes an appearance) that it “feels more like an assault, possibly a deliberate upending of the Park Slope dream of better parenting through good taste.”

Someone even took the time to post a note next to it, which read:

“Dear Friends, has this white stroller been placed here as a memorial to a child who lost their life on this street? if so, please add a plaque with the child’s name and dates so that we may share your courage and your grief. If not, please remove this stroller. It’s similarity to the white “ghost bikes” and it’s implications are disturbing and unwelcome. Thanks you!”

Erica of Fucked in Park Slope is “guessing this is some smart assed hipster artist who found a stroller on the street, spray painted it white and is now commenting on the ‘death of the neighborhood.'”

Probably! But still — who gives a shit? Park Slope parents, isn’t there a lost hat you guys should be arguing about?