“Ground Zero Mosque” Now Has a Foursquare Mayor


The Cordoba Center — America’s favorite “Ground Zero Mosque” that isn’t actually at Ground Zero nor simply a “mosque” — has taken the first step to becoming a legitimate New York Establishment, against the will of every wrong, glib, hateful, or simply ignorant person in America.

Yes, Park 51, where the now-infamous Cordoba House — a “center for multifaith dialogue and engagement within Park51’s broader range of programs and activities” — will be located now has a FourSquare Mayor, which is the first stepping stone to being a legitimate establishment any New York City “venue” can make: the infiltration of social media dork-culture.

If you’re not familiar with FourSquare, it’s the Orwellian social networking fad that allows you to let your “friends” know where you are at all times, and vice versa. It’s also great for avoiding people who use FourSquare.

Either way: Congratulations to Ms. “Silvia S.” for becoming the Mayor of Park 51! It doesn’t appear that any kind of special promotion has been set up to award Sylvia for becoming mayor, but they no doubt have been the recipient of a surplus of Grade-A ignorant American vitriol they can surely unload on someone. Or they could get her a memorial 9/11 shake-a-snow at Ground Zero…three blocks away. Oh, and also, Park51’s on Twitter. In other words: Unstoppable.