Hurry Now to Rent a Trash Teepee in Brooklyn


Know anyone who’s looking for a place to stay in the city this month? May we suggest they contact “experimental choreographer” Jill Sigman, who will gladly rent out her teepee made out of garbage in her studio on Grattan Street in Bushwick.

This is Hut Number 4 of Sigman’s series involving teepees made of “repurposed materials” (a/k/a trash). Sigman’s already lived in the teepee for three days, “greeting curious visitors with mint tea and questions such as, ‘What is your wish for your current neighborhood?’ and ‘Do you think this world will come to an end?'” You, too, can have the opportunity to subject guests to depressing existential questions in a small structure made of garbage!

The hut is made of tubing and plastic from the street, as well as old clothes of Sigman’s and wormwood twigs the artist found in “nearby toxic brownfield sites and rail yards.” Which is cozy, and natural, and never mind the toxic part! Or the fact that the wormwood twigs have a “recognizable smell,” according to Sigman. Or that wormwood is the ingredient that made old-style absinthe hallucinogenic.

Of course, in order to stay in such a luxe joint, you’ll have to follow some rules. No eating; no drinking, besides tea and water; no leaving the neighborhood; no keeping any belongings in the hut; and your garbage will be weighed upon departure, FYI.

Oh, and you’ll be sleeping on the floor.

We contacted the artist to find out about prices, but haven’t gotten a response. Hurry though, you can only rent the hut through August 31!

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