Long Live Zsa Zsa Gabor


So 93-year-old chatterbox Zsa Zsa Gabor refused another operation and went home — and so did I, to look up my amazing 1993 Village Voice interview with the Hungarian legend, which appears in my stunning book La Dolce Musto.

That day, Zsa Zsa mouthed off on everything, darling.

About Jay Leno: “I hate him. Son of a bitch. I could sue him, but the producer’s one of my best friends.”

Was Sinatra a good lover? “Never a lover. He raped me, as you know. He was an idiot.”

Her husband George Sanders‘s suicide? “I was actually very upset for six months. I adored George, even though he always cheated on me, the son of a bitch.”

Liz Taylor? “All that AIDS work. Can’t you look after your own mother?”

El Segundo jail? “They wouldn’t let me drink Evian water! There was an old lesbian guard there who scared the hell out of me. I told that lesbian woman, ‘Why don’t you buy some perfume and a new dress?’ She showed up the next day in purple velvet, wanting to put me in solitaire [sic].”

Leona Helmsley? “She looks like a bitch and a half. And don’t think Mrs. Trump is an angel either.”

John Huston? “He sat there like a dried-out monkey — he was drunk — but he was still the greatest director in the world.”

And as for the press that’s dutifully followed Zsa Zsa all her life?

“I think they like me because I say it as it is. You only die once.”