NYPD Underwear Cavity Searches Coming Soon


The NYPD is warning cops of a new trend in keeping drugs undercover — boxer-briefs with deep pockets for secret stashes that sit right on top of a criminal’s, uh, partner in crime. Drugs and guns fit snugly in these drawers, though there is always the grave risk of unintended discharge.

Police learned of this trend last month when they arrested a marijuana suspect who gave them the low-down on popular criminal undergarments. “It was found that many companies carry this type of underwear with a secret pocket for males and females,” police said in an officer safety alert, according to the Daily News. “The arrested perpetrator gave information that drugs and weapons are being concealed in underwear that contains secret pockets.”

The police memo mentions the company Stashitwear, but several other companies make similar undergarments. Stashitwear owner Phillip Scott has said his underwear is for travelers to avoid getting ripped off — kinda like those ugly tan mini-purses people tuck into their shirts, according to the Daily News. We’d love to see some tourist in Paris buying a croissant with coins removed from the depths of their loins! Pocket briefs are available in women’s panties and thongs, too — also, apparently, for traveling purposes.

Watch the demonstration from the Stashitwear website. It boasts, “With practice, you can get really fast at stashing and retrieving!” We defy you to keep a straight face.