Press Clips, Day 6, Late Edition: The Beautiful Bedbugs of Elle Magazine


Bedbugs! VICE! And can you “haz” a “dead” web? Find out in today, Day 6, of Press Clips.

Itchy As Elle: They are merciless, striking without warning or discretion. They’re basically the Al-Qaeda of the Cimicidae family of insects. And despite their name, bedbugs don’t even need beds to strike, as proven by 2010, The Summer of Five-Borough Bedbugs. Just this summer, their “media strikes” include the CBS New York Offices and the Time-Warner Center. And now, you can add “Elle Magazine” to that list, for whom a “specially trained sniffing Beagle” was brought in to smoke the buggy terrors out on the 44th floor of the Hatchette building:

HFMUS New York Office —> Is Something Bugging you?

From: Corporate Communications

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 11:41 AM

To: HFM (Corporation); Jumpstart Automotive Group (All)



In case you have heard, bed bugs were thought to be found in a small location on the 44th floor. A specially trained sniffing Beagle was brought in to confirm this -and the area has been exterminated and treated. The team also used a high powered vacuum cleaner on the carpet/floors. The exterminator stated that it was a very small area that was infected and we were lucky to catch it so quickly.

It is also important to note that the exterminator has ensured us that we could work the next morning starting at 7am and that their products/procedures used meet all environmental standards.

The problem has been addressed -and it is our understanding that there are no other locations at HFM with bed bugs. We are in constant communication with the exterminators and will let you know if anything changes.

So….if you have heard about a bed bug situation on the 44th floor, you may now rest easy. Your work environment is safe and bug free.

Thank you

After a bunch of departures back in May, and now this, and then soon being moved into the Time building with InStyle? It’s like one of those SUMMER BEAUTY DISASTERS: HOW NOT TO MAKEUP YOUR BREAKUP WHILE BREAKING OUT stories come to life, or something.

Appletinis Out, People: Alex Pareene of Slate’s War Room is on Olbermann tonight at 8:50. WATCH. It will be funny. Or at least fun.

Wired or Tired?: Ha. No, but seriously, Wired declared the Web “Dead” today. This is another one of those things people just don’t have the energy to read because, guess what, they see evidence to the contrary (everyone else does, too) just based on their headline. Surely, something better is inside the cover, right? As Ryan Tate will tell you, kinda but not really. If you’re going to do a “_______ Is Dead” piece, at least make it fun. I’ve got some ideas for that.

The VICE Vice: The New York Times may be done with “hipsters,” but what of their infatuation with proto-hipster bible VICE and affiliates, who’ve received two big pieces of press in the New York Times just this month (one on their collaboration with Intel, The Creators Project, the other this week’s Styles piece on founder Suroosh Alvi), one on’s partnership with CNN in February, and mention in a dining piece as well as in a TV piece by Alessandra Stanley on travel documentaries. Either they merit they coverage — entirely possible! — or their PR team have embarked on yet another glue-gateway’d crack bender. Also: Entirely possible.

CAN HAZ DISSAPOINTMENTS: I’m still upset about the AP and the Cheezburgur network deal falling through. How much better would every AP story be if accompanied by a picture of a corpulent cat “saying” something funny about how hungry he “IZ,” right? Right.

Ground Zero Moscquery: Because he’s too much of a pussy to weigh in on the issue, Michael Wolff managed to make the Cordoba Center debate about (A) the New York Times and (B) himself.