Teen Mom Arrested for Posting Pics of Baby With Bong


A Florida teen mom posted pictures on Facebook of her baby with a bong, and was arrested when a Texas tipster alerted authorities. That’s the thing about Facebook — anyone can see it from anywhere, and that’s the thing about teen moms, they’re still teens, which means they’re prone to dumb decisions, especially ones that involve looking “cool” with drugs and booze — which may have been involved in them becoming teen moms in the first place.

Kids, THIS IS NOT COOL. Nineteen-year-old Rachel Stieringer was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia because she thought it would be funny to post this photo, according to the AP via the Post. The baby suffered no injuries, and drug tests came back negative.

Stieringer’s Facebook profile is now completely blank, so it’s either all private or wiped clean. Tough lesson learned, we suppose. But this lesson also brings up the important point that there is a fine line between cute and funny photos and insanely stupidly inappropriate photos. With that, we’ll share examples that err on the appropriate side of this gray area.

So, general rule of thumb: Babies doing things that are legal for adults to do and that they don’t know are funny = cute. Babies doing illegal things that can get both babies and adults in trouble = not so cute.

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