Trends: People Dressing as Animals for a Cause Are Creeping Us Out


Tuesday Trend Watch! Here are two recent people-dressed-as-animals videos that disturb us in very different ways. In the first, “actual” mama grizzlies (who aren’t actually mama grizzlies but actual moms dressed as not-really-actual bears employed by actual political action committee Emily’s List) explain that Sarah Palin does not speak for them.

Weird, right? Lots of cringe in that, kind of like a local theater performance of Goldilocks, even if we agree that the whole mama grizzly meme is not one to be owned by Palin and also that she does not speak for a number of mama animals, including numerous humans. Also, some of those noses are a little lopsided.

Then there’s this nightmarish treat, in which a man dressed as a dog who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain JetBlue flight attendant escapee but is actually, apparently, Jim Steager, promotes his Christian values in song. We will give props for his way with words, and harmony.

But, um, really, if a bunch of dogs and bears started impersonating us, how do you think we’d feel? Let’s get it together, people. Noah didn’t get put in charge of that whole ark for nothing.