Young Ladies Like Oral Sex, But That Doesn’t Make Them Slutty, Thank You Very Much


New sex research from the University of Alberta indicates some interesting things about young women and oral sex. The short and sweet: It’s becoming common — maybe even as common as regular sex, not that “regular” indicates any sort of judgment, mind you. In fact, oral has “become a fundamental part of the sexual revolution of the 21st century.” Well, we never!

In fairness, oral sex has, we are sure, been around for pretty much as long as people figured out the puzzle pieces of the human anatomy, and this whole “21st century revolution” may refer to us finally getting over some of our Victorian issues in such a way that we might actually talk about it, in person and on blogs and everything, more than anything having to do with the act of oral itself. Anyway,

“From my study, all of the women who had engaged in sexual intercourse had also engaged in oral sex as well,” said Brea Malacad, who recently published the findings in the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care. “This data tells us that oral sex is becoming very much a part of most young people’s sexual repertoire.”

However, this doesn’t mean that young women are getting more slutty, per se, which is something all Oprah– and Lifetime TV watchers love to fear. While 50 percent of those surveyed considered oral sex “less intimate” than sex-sex, 41 percent considered it just as intimate and 9 percent thought it more so. And, of the 18- to 25-year-olds in the study, many had had only one sexual partner, and 25 percent of them had never done the deed. So there.

The best news of all: Both kinds of sex were associated with positive emotions (yay!). Plus, 30 percent of women found giving oral rather empowering. Just don’t let it go to your heads, ladies. Oh, and please, use protection (82 percent said they didn’t with oral, which indicates to researchers a better need for sex education). Hey, we love you and your empowered selves as much as we hate the taste of latex (blech), but nobody wants the, um, how shall we say? Mouth clap. Try passionfruit!