Alex Pareene on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown Laughing About Silly Tea Party Mustache (Video)


Was last night a particularly strange episode of Countdown, or is Keith Olbermann always like this? While often difficult to watch the screamy liberal pundit get unilaterally screamy and stunningly hypocritical, Keith Olbermann is often correct about certain things and often has very smart people on his show with him. He’s also sometimes funny, like last night, as he grunted like he was shitting when impersonating Rush Limbaugh, which was before he spent at least a full minute making fun of some guy’s terrible sideburns. Lucklily, that guy wasn’t former Wonkette/Gawker blogger and current Salon writer Alex Pareene, who was on Olbermann’s show last night once Olbermann was through chuckling about sideburns, so Pareene could laugh about those sideburns.

Pareene was invited on to talk about Matt Kibbe and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey’s, I don’t know, Tea Party-Party, which is called FreedomWorks, which sounds like a Discovery Zone for retirees and otherwise bored and passionless racists who probably just need to get laid. Pareene was careful to say the Tea Party isn’t racist, but I’m not: The Tea Party are basically all racists. Not because they hate President Obama, but because they just are, of which, hating Obama, foreigners, and people who don’t respect ridiculous facial hair are symptoms.

There’s no real reason to post video about Pareene on this blog besides the fact that he was pretty decent on the show, but the decision to do so was because (a) He’s a blogger going “stadium status,” always nice, (b) A former co-worker of ours which (c) Leads into our sole media peg: It’s good to see that Keith Olbermann and Pareene can mensch it up and put past grievances aside and squash old beefs. Of course, there’s always the chance of Olbermann not knowing or remembering Alex Pareene has written about him before, but the dude’s got an epic Google Alert on his name and pays attention to/reads like everything written about him ever, supposedly. And if that is the case, as far as this goes: nice one. Oh, and Pareene, next time, wear a tie, preferably a red one, one that can be seen from space, but the “host stand jacket” look works for now, however.