Bouquet Bandit Explains Himself


Edward Pemberton, the gentlemanly criminal who robbed two banks successfully using only flowers and a potted plant, has spoken. He told police that using flora to rob banks is “where the money is.” Pemberton has been in jail since July 21 and (bizarrely, given that he admitted to the crimes) has pleaded not guilty to three charges of bank robbery and one of attempted robbery.

According to the Daily News, Pemberton is a “self-described ladies’ man and drunk.” And “drugs, a gambling habit and general laziness drove him to it.” The guy is nothing if not honest.

Lest you think otherwise, Pemberton acquired the flowers and plant by illegal means as well. He picked the plant up off someone’s stoop, and stole the flowers from a deli, in a successful bid to reduce overhead costs.

He knew the jig was up when he saw his picture in the papers, and went to hide at the Bed-Stuy home of his brother. Thus ends the tale of the most gentlemanly bandit this side of Robin Hood.