Double Rainbow/2001: A Space Odyssey Mashup Too Close for Comfort, Intensity-Wise


Confession: We loved the Double Rainbow Auto-tune. So much that it still penetrates our addled brains on the occasional lonely Wednesday and we smile and press through our human pain on the music of angels’ wings. We loved it because it lightened the, er, intensity of the original video (making us think less about, say, someone putting semen in someone’s water bottle than about good times, and laughs, and xylophonic riffs), and also, it was darn catchy. Given our adoration for that video, we eagerly anticipate any new mashups, like this one of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the original Double Rainbow video.

Geekosystem responds favorably to the mashup, even suggesting that it might be great for a yoga class (what kind of yoga classes do you guys go to over there?), but we just feel like we’re watching some geek’s very private and personal space odyssey, if you will. See for yourself.

Could it be that we’re just not geeky enough? We’ll chew on that.