Dr. Laura Says Bye-Bye for Now


So Dr. Laura Schlessinger is not renewing her radio contract because she’d rather go somewhere where her views will be more accepted?

But a sewer doesn’t pay!

I love how someone can spew intolerance on a regular basis and then paint themselves as free speech heroes who are battling evil political correctness.

Back in the day, Laura was booted off daytime TV when the gays mobilized to call her on her crap and demand that advertisers stop supporting her hideous, hate-infused rhetoric.

When big money obediently pulled out, the good doctor was yanked through a trapdoor.

This time around, she said the N-word about 8,000 times to make “a philosophical point” and even admits that she shouldn’t have, but she still wants to be painted as a victim of other people’s speech issues?

I’m tempted to use the C-word.

You know, C U later, honey!

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