Haiti Will Not Rule on Wyclef Jean’s Presidential Run Until Friday


Well, so much for this saga ending any time soon. Though the Haitian elections board was scheduled to rule yesterday on whether or not Wyclef Jean was even eligible to run for the presidency of a country he has no business being in charge of, officials announced late last night that they’d be postponing their decision until Friday. Meanwhile Jean sent the AP a “flurry of emails” claiming that he had gone into hiding in a “secret location” in response to phone calls he was getting telling him to leave the country. Jean shouldn’t feel too special: his former bandmate turned antagonist Pras Michel — who belittled Jean’s American-accented, Jackie Chan-sque Creole (“no disrespect to Jackie Chan”) to Vulture yesterday — also seems to have received similar threats.

Perhaps it’s Lauryn Hill that’s calling?

Haiti postpones ruling on Wyclef Jean’s candidacy [AP]