Hot Bread Kitchen’s Moroccan M’smen, in Celebration of Ramadan


Hot Bread Kitchen, the multicultural bakery and nonprofit that employs lower-income female immigrants, is offering Moroccan m’smen bread at several greenmarkets this month in celebration of Ramadan.

Moroccans often break their daylong Ramadan fast with a meal that includes these flaky flatbreads. At Hot Bread Kitchen, the bread is baked by Meriem and Bouchra, among others, and is made with flour, semolina, vegetable oil, salt, and sugar. It’s similar to an Indian paratha, but nuttier and sturdier. For best results, warm it on a hot skillet before eating.

M’smen will be available all this month at the Fort Greene and Tribeca markets on Saturdays, and the Union Square and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza markets on Wednesdays.