Infographic: We’ve Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Hipster


There’s been quite a bit of discussion around these parts about the word “hipster,” especially after the New York Times‘ standards editor put the kibosh on using it yesterday. But what’s the cumulative total? And what’s our role in propagating this trend?

Background: Five months ago, we made a mess when pointing out just how much the term “hipster” has been used recently by some media outlets. So of course, via FameGame‘s Ryan Brown, thankfully (kind of) we’ve got a chart to show us. And it doesn’t look good.

It would appear that Brown mapped out the results of a full domain search on certain media outlets to see who ranks highest in their history of using the word “hipster.” Mind you, this takes into account everything on a given site — not just the posts of a single blog, but news articles, listings, and whatever other places the word “hipster” could come up. So while our results are, well…slightly excessive…other sites that only have blogs or that haven’t been around as long as us are pretty bad, too. Either way, a trip on our part to the etymological rehabilitation center (or thesaurus) might be necessary, soon. The first step is admitting you have a problem…

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