Keeping Score on the Gulf: Fishermen Speak Up About Cover-Ups and Compensation


The oil is no longer flowing and it’s time for the people who make a living off the Gulf of Mexico’s riches to return to the water. But for some, going back to work isn’t as easy as it sounds.

CNN is reporting that, while shrimping season has started, some shrimpers hired to help with the oil spill’s cleanup are reluctant to go back to work, considering they’re still getting paid by BP. Meanwhile, certain fishermen are now claiming they were asked to participate in a cover-up following the spill. According to The Daily Beast, some of the fishermen hired by BP to patrol the waters were told to omit information from their reports, including tar-ball sightings.

Per USA Today, it could take up to two years for oyster beds to recover completely from the effects of the spill. But BP’s redemption is sure to take much longer.