Morning Links: Governor Paterson Wants to Move Ground Zero Mosque; Old Subway Cars Will Not Be Retired


• Governor Paterson may meet with the developers of the Ground Zero mosque this week to try to convince them find them a new location (he has offered the use of state land for an alternative site). Planners of the mosque say no talks have yet been scheduled. Meanwhile, developer Sharif El-Gamal says he has no plans to move, and that “We are nowhere near the World Trade Center site.” [NYP, ABC, NYT]

• Flood aid in Pakistan is failing to match the need for help: The U.N. says it has gotten less than half of the $460 million it needs for relief efforts, and there is a shortage of basic supplies, like food, shelter, and drinking water. [CNN, NYT]

• The MTA will not replace 290 old subway cars (mostly on the A and C) for now, due to budget constraints. The cars would have been dumped in the sea to serve as artificial reefs. For now, they’ll just continue to break down (they are seven times more likely to fall apart than new cars). [amNY]

• Dr. Laura Schlessinger will not renew her radio show contract that’s up at the end of the year. She’s been “under fire for using the N-word repeatedly during an on-air conversation with a caller last week.” [CNN]

• The Bronx Zoo sent Tanzania 50 Kihansi spray toads last week to help create a new colony. The toads were wrapped in paper towels soaked in purified water and transported in plastic deli containers, then put in a cardboard box, for their ride on a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines jet. [NYDN]

• Is JetBlue’s All-You-Can-Jet Pass worth it? Numbers crunched here. [Truth.Travel]

• A mini (seven-inch) iPad may be in the works. [NYP]