Orphan+Eric Copeland+Bad Dream


Dude, stabbed in the skull! YOWCH. That’s how the video clip for Orphan’s new “Soda Pressing” climaxes, with drummer Speck Brown spattering bassist/vocalist Brendan Majewski’s brain blood all over a graveyard. But that’s only after he plunges that same knife right into her chest cavity. What? Clearly this battering ram of a Brooklyn twosome is prepared to keep pain in the picture on Decapitated Lovers, their follow-up to 2008’s heralded Aborted by Birth. (It’s issued once again via From the Nursery.) Maybe this release party gig should have been held in a cemetery. With Black Dice’s Eric Copeland, whose latest disjunctive solo material appeared recently on Post Present Medium, and Brooklyn blammo psych trio Bad Dream.

Sat., Aug. 28, 9 p.m., 2010