Some More Details About Blossom Du Jour


Yesterday, Pamela Elizabeth told us about her plans to open Blossom Du Jour, a vegan counter and takeaway chain. Now, she has a few more details about the new venture.

The first location of the chain will be at 174 Ninth Avenue, next door to Cocoa V. The telephone number is 212-229-2595.

Elizabeth is planning to develop “several locations” in Manhattan and subsequently expand to other cities. If all goes according to schedule, the second location should be opening in early December.

As for what inspired her to take on the concept of vegan fast food, Elizabeth explains over email:

The concept of vegan fast food has been on my mind for years. Offering this kind of food, in this type of setting, is very important because the potential to reach a tremendous amount of people is possible, especially in big cities where folks are always on the go. The reason I opened Blossom Restaurant nearly five years ago was to try and bring attention to animal suffering by offering delicious cuisine that is free of any animal products whatsoever. My thought was, and still is, if people have the option to choose healthy, environmentally conscious food over typical fast food which is loaded with preservatives and additives, people will welcome this diet.

An admirable objective, to be sure, but whether the average consumer will choose the vegan diet over one rich in fat, and salt, and, most crucially, animal proteins, remains to be seen.

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