‘Sondheim’ Won’t Do Coke Anymore


The upcoming HBO series The Miraculous Year has a lead character who is a sophisticated, gay Broadway composer who lives in a townhouse, writes acclaimed but not always solvent shows, and suffers a heart attack sparked by coke abuse.

But that last part has been cut out, according to the Post‘s Michael Riedel because Stephen Sondheim found about about the show through Riedel’s column, realized his life was being pillaged for drama, and was appalled to learn of certain plot points.

(Steve used to do coke. Since this show was announced, he probably just does Prozac.)

Adding insult to injury in Sondheim’s eyes, the series is written by John Logan, a friend who did the screenplay for Sweeney Todd.

So after some threats, the coke attack has been rewritten to be merely an aneurysm — and I bet Sondheim will have a real aneurysm if he keeps getting ahold of those scripts.