This Week in the Voice: Subprime Candidate – Inside Rick Lazio’s Biggest Wall Street Deals


In 2007, current New York gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio was a JPMorgan Chase executive, one who sent emails like all the other JPMorgan executives. The difference, though? Some of Lazio’s emails — which the Village Voice has now obtained and published — show the details of just how involved the potential governor was in a deal that could’ve resulted in over $1B in retiree benefits being invested in doomed JPMorgan Chase subprime mortgages were it not stopped, a deal that Lazio made over a $1M bonus regardless. Voice staff writer and columnist Wayne Barrett reports: Inside Rick Lazio’s Biggest Wall Street Deal–The Chummy E-Mails.

Elsewhere this week in News, we’re stripping away at some figurative (or literal) “new clothes”:

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In Food, we’re bringing the old-school to the front:

  • Cantonese was the go-to Chinese province for “Chinese food” in New York up until the past two decades, when regional cuisine from Shanghai, Fujian, Xi’an, Chaozhou, Taiwan, Dongbei, and Sichuan came in to crowd the field. Voice food critic Robert Sietsema argues, though, that New York’s experiencing a bit of a Hong Kong Riot in visiting two new Cantonese restaurants, one in Brooklyn and one in Queens.
  • Meanwhile, Voice food critic Sarah DiGregorio is thinking ’bout the South again, as she gets down with the Dixie cuisine in Williamsburg’s Honeychiles inside The Charleston, a punk bar now serving up hardcore southern food. DixieCore?

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