Were You Punked by Muhammad Ali in 1974? (Video)


WNYC has this rather awesome video of fifth-graders from P.S.41 in Greenwich Village reacting to heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali unexpectedly joining them in their classrooms for a taping of Candid Camera in 1974. In the skit, Ali sneaks into their class as a janitor and then strips down to his boxing shorts to surprise the kids while they’re writing essays about what they’d say if they ever met him. (That stripping part, of course, would never fly these days.)

The skit, though voiced-over in French, is pretty adorable, with genuine, pre-reality-show kid reactions.

It seems ITV producer Jason Beresford is trying to locate the once-kids who met Ali for a 50th anniversary special about Candid Camera‘s U.K. edition. Gotham Schools has photos of the classes they believe were involved. Are you in them? Contact Beresford ( if so! And contact us, too, please.

[via WNYC, Gotham Schools]