Where Am I Eating? Rhong-Tiam Express


Thank you to everyone who played yesterday’s Where Am I Eating? contest.

Some of you were understandably thrown off by the thing’s resemblance to a kati roll, especially because it’s rolled up in a paratha. Felee was the first to correctly guess Rhong-Tiam Express, followed by Abby, who correctly guessed the dish.

So Felee and Abby, please email me so that I can send you both a list of books to choose from.

As an aside, Rhong-Tiam Express was struggling yesterday, forgetting orders, creating a backlog of impatient people waiting for their food. There was nothing “express” about it. Still, they just opened, and maybe those issues will get worked out.

But they’re still displaying the Times review and Michelin star earned by the original, excellent Rhong-Tiam. This seems a bit dishonest, since this incarnation doesn’t have the same menu as the original (they now serve juice and frozen yogurt for God’s sake), and it is three times removed from the original, as owner Andy Yang first moved Rhong-Tiam into the old Kurve space, then closed it and tweaked the concept to move it here.

The roll-up was very tasty, the pork seasoned with fish sauce and chile. But I ordered tom yum soup only to get tom tom kha gai, chicken in coconut broth, which I’d call mediocre if I was feeling kind.

In any case, congratulations to Felee and Abby, and tune in next week for another edition of Where Am I Eating?