Today in Vag-Trends: Vatooing (Seriously)


Vajazzle, consider yourself the overdone and out of style scrunchy of below-the-belt grooming (someone, tell Snooki). The one-upper, according to a trustworthy source on the matter, is Vatooing, which is actually nether-region body paint that lasts seven days without friction, which shouldn’t be a problem because potential mates will probably be scared away by your artistic interpretation of the way your God-given parts should appear.

So, I guess you want to see the video of all of this going down, huh? This was definitely a little uncomfortable to watch in the office — I wanted to give an explanation whenever someone passed my cubicle, but alas, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what to say, except no wonder no one has touched these ladies in a while.

via Jezebel