Update: Hijacking Threat Aboard American Airlines Flight to JFK “Non-Credible”


We’re hearing of a hijacking threat made on an American Airlines flight heading from San Francisco to JFK today. After a threat was reportedly made by phone that a hijacker was on board, passengers on American Airlines Flight 24, which was preparing for takeoff, have been asked to deplane and be re-screened. All passengers are safe, according to the TSA. Update: A federal law enforcement official says the threat has been deemed non-credible.

Via CNN affiliate KRON4,

“TSA is aware of an alleged threat made via phone against American Airlines flight 24 (SFO-JFK) before take-off,” the Transportation Security Administration said in a written statement. “Out of an abundance of caution, TSA requested the plane be moved to a remote location. Passengers are being deplaned and will be interviewed and re-screened. The aircraft will be swept by local law enforcement.”

via The Awl, Campbell McKellar is apparently live-tweeting the incident, and is “Off at last!”