What’s Your Favorite 3-D Movie?


Every single movie nowadays seems to be in 3-D, which means you fork over an extra three bucks to strap headache-inducing glasses on your face and see oppressive animation and/or effects envelop the mind you already checked at the door.

It’s become such a prevalent phenomenon that if anyone went to see Avatar in 2-D last year, they were greeted on the way out with straitjacket-wielding men from Bellevue.

But 3-D does often provide a jolt, a giggle, and some enhanced dimension, so if done properly, it can add a little bang for your extra bucks.

That’s why Film Forum, the invaluable cinema palace down on Houston Street, is having a 3-D festival, complete with Ann Miller dancing into your lap and scissors coming at your business (but not in the same movie).

So what’s your fave 3-D flick?

Eat Pray Love Duck for Cover?