Kanye West’s “OFFICIAL POWER REMIX” Has Arrived


It’s here. Jay-Z’s on it. But Swizz Beatz runs away with it. Believe it.

Verily, the OFFICIAL POWER REMIX is pretty innocuous for the first couple minutes: Jay offers the mind-bender “We on that Norman Mailer shit/In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift,” but otherwise, you can tune it out until you hear the blunt, warmly welcome intrusion of Swizz’ flip of Snap!’s “The Power,” wherein you are hereby advised to tune back in. Kanye’s final version is completely bonkers: “All my old girls know that I’m the one who got away,” “Don’t even think you can allude to the rumors/I’m immune to the boos/I’m-a prove to you losers,” “Who ‘Ye screwin’?/That’s for my dick to know,” and “Get my pope on” paired with “somethin’ to poke on.” Outstanding. Bring on the Raekwon/Justin Bieber thing.