New York City Really Sucks for Quality Affordable Childcare


New Orleans is the only city that out-did New York’s dire childcare situation, according to a study by website New York City closed many subsidized daycare centers this summer to narrow budget gaps, and childcare elsewhere in the city can cost more than rent, making a significant dent in a family budget.


  • Families spend an average of $7,213 per year for care for their youngest child alone.
  • Families with 2 or more children pay an average of $10,828 per year for care for all their kids–or 15% of their annual household income.

Boston ranked number one for childcare in the same study. chief Wendy Sachs told the Daily News that Boston scored high because of its abundance of college students who work in child care, lower costs, and higher numbers of childcare workers trained in CPR.

via the Daily News:

  • Seattle, Denver, Rochester, New York, and West Palm Beach, Florida., rounded out the top five.
  • Miami, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh beat out New York but still ranked among the country’s five worst places for child care.

With all of the childcare gloom and doom, New Yorkers can at least take pride in the fact that Chelsea Waterside Playground is ranked #8 in the World’s Best Parks and Playgrounds by Disney Family. Although Seattle still has us beat with the #1 spot. New York parents can’t catch a break!