New York: Here Are Some Things You Hate, Which Is Why We Love You


We asked, and you told us. We love it when that happens. Earlier this week, the New York Post issued a roundup of things New Yorkers hate most. The usual suspects were included, of course — chatty cell-phone cabbies, people who hold the subway doors open, hipsters — but we suspected there might be some more intriguing things out there annoying the crap out of you guys. Herewith, a few of our faves:


We also hate people who own strollers. You know, just cause.

We have never seen this crossed-lady leg phenomenon, but we’re with you on the subway pole hogs and mariachis.

Some of us are angry.

Like, really angry.

And sometimes we are simple.

But always, we are complicated! After all, we’re New Yorkers.

Which means, we’re awesome.