Phish Fan’s Jones Beach 25 Foot “Horror Leap” Was Nonfatal, Somehow


Despite launching himself off of Jones Beach’s dauntingly tall mezzanine and falling 25 feet into the seats below, the Phish fan who was carted out of the band’s Wednesday show by paramedics will live. The Post is reporting that the guy, who remains formally unidentified (Gothamist pegs him as 25-year-old Luke Southworth), came away from his plunge with relatively minor wounds. “It’s really a miracle, man. He’s just got some broken bones, but he’s going to be fine,” a friend said. Southworth, or whoever he is, remains sedated at Nassau University Medical Center, and his pals profess ignorance as to whether or not he was on drugs when he decided to push through the crowd and leap. A happier outcome than the one today out in California, that’s for sure. Let’s not do this anymore, OK everyone? [NYP]