Source: Wyclef Jean Will Not Be Ruining Haiti This Fall


And so the world’s greatest publicity stunt/most irresponsible political campaign ends, not with an election but with a piece of paper, one that has many names on it but not, mercifully, that of Wyclef Jean. Reuters is reporting that a Haitian electoral official has seen the list of eligible candidates and has informed them that Jean “is not on the list.” Thank god. It turns out that you cannot in fact run for the presidency of a country you have not meaningfully lived in for the past five years. Even if your dysfunctional, tax-cheating charity does business there; even if you once donned a frilly shirt and posed proudly next to a domesticated lion on a carnival float paid for by said charity. The Haitian electoral board will formally release the list later today; at the moment, Clef remains undaunted, and oblivious, which is pretty much how he’s been throughout this mockery of a campaign:

Please let this all be over, for good, by noon. Please.

Wyclef Jean not on Haiti candidates list: source