The Best Answer to “What Makes a New Yorker?” Ever, by Ira Glass


Expatriate-of-Chicago and semi-new New Yorker Ira Glass, who’s the famously bespectacled, nerd-chic host of NPR’s This American Life, was interviewed for Daily Intel’s long-running 21 Questions feature. It’s a great interview — who knew that the BroBo icon was a Chelsea resident? — as Glass’s earnest, self-aware midwestern charm shines through. It’s why we like him! For example, in response to a question about which newspaper he reads? “[New York] Times. Please. I’m a cliché. Did I mention I work in public broadcasting?” But the best is saved for last, the classic “What makes a New Yorker?” question. Glass’s response?

Oh, for God’s sake. I could give a fuck.

That is not only the correct answer, but also, exactly what makes a New Yorker. Ira Glass wins today.