The Saddest Sign for Lost Jewelry in New York City, Ever


You know when you lose something you really, really like, that can’t be replaced, that is only special to you, but that isn’t alive (and thus only receives a marginal amount of empathy from others)? How far will you go to get it back? What’s the appeal you need to make? One person made a sign, and it would appear he made the right one, because it’s the saddest “lost” sign for something-nobody-else-will-care-about-but-the-person-missing-it I’ve ever seen.

Seem on a New York lamppost — just look, and tell me this doesn’t make you 🙁 on the spot:

This “Nate” person gets it. He knows he only lost a “silver link bracelet with toggle clasp” and knows it’s not exactly valuable looking as it’s “scuffed up and not so shiny” but thinks you might take a second look at a lost bracelet with both the “but very missed” and perfectly sad sadface at the bottom, which is the perfect way of saying, quite simply, that lost things are sad. It obviously has sentimental value, yet it only takes the vague “but very missed” to emphasize the nature of just how missed it is, which is to an extent that can’t be quantified with specific sentimental value. Maybe it’s a family member’s, or a girlfriend’s. Who knows? The point is, you’ve been there. If you’ve seen Nate’s bracelet, call him at 573-424-8549.

[Note: Incidentally, I also opened this picture on a tab and then closed (or “lost”) the tab I found it on. So if this picture was on your Tumblr, uh, e-mail me and I’ll link you. I am sad I lost your blog.]