Week in Review: Jugga-luh-oh


In the week one of us went to the Gathering of the Juggalos and came back with what is increasingly looking like Stockholm Syndrome, we witnessed Tila Tequila (and Method Man) battle a pack of angry ICP fans and–shortly after she took her top off–lose, we also followed the aftermath: ICP’s blame-the-victim press release; a bunch of dudes with facepaint on; Tom Green dancing in slow-motion; and finally, the moral weighing of the scales. Now, Dan Savage or whoever, what to do you do when one of your coworkers goes native?

Weird week back in New York, too: Air Waves singer Nicole Schneit just up and left town; Fat Beats closed; a man impersonated a cop outside Surreal Estate and threatened to rape an innocent bystander; and a Phish fan dove off the balcony at Jones Beach, and lived to tell the tale (though his San Jose Swell Season counterpart wasn’t so lucky, perhaps by design). Also, the Pool Parties ended in a sudden burst of rage and rebuttal. Maybe time for summer to end, huh?

Behold: in honor of Camu Tao’s ghostly return, the ten most exploitative posthumous rap projects.

Plus Rye Rye and Ke$ha got weird at Roseland Ballroom, White Mystery, Cassie Ramone, and Reading Rainbow played Impose’s Test Patterns Party at Don Pedro’s, B.o.B covered MGMT at Irving Plaza, T.I. did a secret show at Capitale, !!! and Lee Fields performed up what looks to be Jelly NYC’s penultimate Pool Party, ever, and Mountain Man scaled the roof of the Old American Can Factory.

Bertolain Elysee, co-curator of the Maysles Institute’s “Country Rap 2: The Gulf States” series, nerded out about rap with us; Orphan’s Speck Brown talked her band’s fantastic “Love Is A Stealthy Hitman – Love Is A Healthy Stuntman”; Sharon Van Etten told us about her most memorable NYC show; and Dean Wareham explained his feelings about Warhol, Dennis Hopper and revisiting Galaxie 500.

Not to mention more on the Wyclef for president of Haiti charade and the “frilly blouse”/live lion combination he used his charity’s money to purchase, the worst week for music sales in all of SoundScan history, the most breathless, absurd, and aroused Twitter reactions to Sufjan Stevens’s New All Delighted People EP, Courtney Love’s Twitter-rant birthday present to Frances Bean Cobain, the Wu-Tang documentary, and more, below. Need something to do this weekend? Consult our nightlife guide, starring HARD Fest, Peter Zummo, Tiki Disco, and the Soul Clap Dance-Off. We’re back on Monday.