WSJ Finds that Ground Zero Strippers Don’t Care If a Mosque Comes to the ‘Hood


The Wall Street Journal visited two strip clubs, the Pussycat Lounge and New York Dolls, both within blocks of Ground Zero, to interview strippers about their thoughts on the Islamic Center hoop-la. Kudos to the Journal for thinking of a new angle on a story that’s been told and retold endlessly (not that it doesn’t warrant the attention), but what did they find? Was their adventure worthwhile?

It’s not really a shocker that the WSJ found strippers don’t care at all about the Islamic center. “I don’t know what the big deal is,” Cassandra said. “It’s freedom of religion, you know?”

However, the article does have one gleaming sentence that’s basically buried under the rest of the sensational “OMYGAWD, can you believe I’m in a strip club near Ground Zero?” That shining beacon of reasoning comes from Cassandra, who was “worried that calls to prayer from the mosque at Park51 might wake up neighbors.”

REJOICE! This is the first rational argument against the mosque that we have heard thus far. The article went on, “But when she was told that the organizers aren’t planning loudspeakers, she said she didn’t have a problem with the project.” Back to square one.

As many commenters noted, the WSJ article really had no point, except perhaps to show that strip clubs exist near Ground Zero, and, of course, to exist as another (sensational!) angle on the much-discoursed topic.

We’ll give you the Runnin’ Scared take-away: Strippers peacefully co-exist with Ground Zero and feel they can do the same with a mosque. All three of these things are exclusive entities that should theoretically be able to live in Lower Manhattan harmony.