Another (Even Younger) Teen Sets Off to Sail Around the World


Laura Dekker, a 14-year-old Dutch sailor, took to the seas today to circle the earth in her new 38-foot craft “Guppy”, according to the Daily News. Apparently, this is a new teenage fad, since 16-year-old Jessica Watson set sail last year, and made it around the world in 210 days, landing herself a book deal and the romantic interest of another teenage circumnavigator, Mike Perham.

At first, Dutch Protection Agencies would not approve of the latest and youngest teen’s attempt, but once they ceded decision power to the girl’s parents a month ago, all bets were on, and now she’s miles from shore, away from the chatter about whether her parents are crazy for allowing her to embark on the trip. Note: They probably are.

Dekker is like a real-life Balloon Boy, except we would love to watch a reality show about her family while she’s gone and when she returns. They must be bonkers to do this thing in the first place — oh, and she has a manager, which we could only imagine just adds to the over-achieving drama. Hopefully, we’ll have something to add to our ever-more-embarrassing DVR list once this whole gig is up. Anyway, good luck, Dekker, we’ll be watching.