Hallucinogenic Plant Sprouting All Over New York City


If you’ve gotten bored of your regular everyday hallucinogens, there’s a new option right in your backyard. Jimsonweed is a “strikingly gothic-looking plant” that makes you trip balls. And it can be found right here in New York!

Ava Chin waits till the third paragraph to get to the juicy stuff about the weed, after describing its beauty and tahini-like smell. Jimsonweed, or Datura stramonium, has “psychotropic, hallucinogenic and narcotic properties,” and is “inextricably linked to shamanism” and fucking zombies.

Oh, and the plant can cause “dilated pupils, racing heartbeat, hallucination, delirium, combative behavior and in severe cases, coma and seizures.”

We don’t know anyone personally who’s tried the substance, so we checked out the Erowid vaults:

“Josh” writes:

I was getting sort of scared because I had this idea that it would be like LSD and this was no trip I had ever been on. So I went to sleep. Next I remember waking up still feeling totally fucked up (NOT FUCKED UP AS IN HIGH AND TRIPPY BUT FEELING HALF DEAD AND NOT KNOWING WHAT WAS HAPPENING).

From an entry entitled, “I’m Eating McDonald’s”:

Never mind talking with aliens or hunting for dropped cigarettes…never mind becoming blind as a bat, or hardly being able to swallow whatever liquids I drank to alleviate the dehydration.

“Jason Goyer”:

Now as for lasting effects, the only one that plauged me was the fact that my pupils remained completely dialated [sic] for a week, and I could not read any small print, or street signs from a distance.

According to “Merlin”:

One minute I was watching and listening to two creature talking one [sic] another, completely unaware of myself, then the voices were gone but I could still see the faces with their mouths moving, then the faces resolved into leaves. That sort of thing was typical of the trip.

“tonbo” writes:

I can’t remember the period of time after I ingested the drug, but the next thing I remember is answering the door and seeing two very grotesque monsters come into the apartment. In reality, it was my sister and her boyfriend. I had no idea I was hallucinating, unlike acid, where I’m aware of reality.

Sounds pretty radical. Apparently, the plant has been used for a number of medicinal purposes over the centuries, although it sounds as though it causes more medical problems than it could cure.

Anyway, Jimsonweed is “now in full flower across the city and in some cases sprouting mature seedpods.” Just saying, if you don’t have weekend plans yet…

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