Three Former Reality-TV Stars Are Running for Congress This Fall


Donald Trump told Surya Yalamanchili, “You’re fired” on national television in 2007, and now the former contestant hopes to be “hired” into the U.S. House of Representatives by Ohio voters. He is one of three ex-reality show cast members running for Congress this fall, including Republican Sean Duffy of Wisconsin and Democrat Kevin Powell of New York, both of whom starred on MTV’s Real World series, according to USA Today.

“Reality TV shares a lot in common with politics,” Yalamanchili told USA Today. “It’s much more focused on ‘gotcha’…as opposed to substantively talking about issues.” A career politician might not be so straightforward with that comparasion, but that’s reality for ya!

Why is it that reality-TV stars running for political office seems so American, so patriotic? It falls somewhere between apple pie and the obesity epidemic on a scale of red,white, and blue pride. Although, it better not get out of hand, with voting based on the ‘token gay guy’, ‘drunk slob’, or ‘mandatory slutty chick’.

The three men running for Congress all downplay their 15 minutes of fame (smart?), but if all publicity is good publicity, they might have a shot at running our country. And if these relative no-namers can gain a legitimate political spotlight, imagine what’s in store for The Situation and Kelly Cutrone — future President and First Lady?