Ladies, If You Earn More Than Your Man, He Will Cheat On You (Study)


This weekend has been full of interesting studies. First beer goggles, now this: Some Cornell Ph.D candidate has concluded that “men who were completely dependent on their wives’ incomes were five times likelier to cheat than those who contributed the same amount to the household finances.” Back to the kitchen it is, girls!

According to the study, it’s because men who earn less than their girlfriends/wives feel like pussies, so they engage in “hypermasculine activities” — i.e., banging other people, because that makes you a manly man.

On the other hand, guys who make way more than their lady friends are also more likely to cheat, “because they can.”

Here’s the solution: earn less than your husband, but not too much less.

The men least likely to cheat, for those keeping count at home, had partners who made 75% of what they made. Conveniently, that’s more or less the same proportion of a man’s salary the average U.S. woman earned in 2008. This is what’s called a silver lining.

Is that what’s called a “silver lining,” Time? That women still only make 75 percent of what men make? I don’t know if we can really call that a silver lining; a better term might be “injust economic disparity” or “bullshit.”

Women who earn less than men don’t replicate the same behaviors, apparently:

Either they express their unhappiness in less relationship-jeopardizing ways, or Munsch believes, their punier wage didn’t threaten their gender identity as much. “For women, making less money than a male partner is not threatening, it is the status quo,” she says.

Worried that your hubby/boyfriend’s gonna cheat, ladies? Remember: “Whatever you do, don’t use this as an excuse not to ask for that raise.”

I’m not sure anyone actually needs to be told that, Time. It’s hard to imagine that anyone in their right mind would actively try to not make more money, for fear that their boyfriend will cheat on them. If he’s an asshole, you probably already know. Ask for that raise.