Beware the Wanging Chad: Levi Johnston Officially Registers for Wasilla Mayoral Election


It’s a great day in politics when the public is accepting of no better a revenge plot than the one Levi Johnston is clearly putting forth at the expense of the Palin family by running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Yes, via Wonkette, here’s the proof of Levi’s registration, that TMZ has obtained through whatever absurd means one goes through to get things like this:

Wonkette’s quick to point out that one can’t really run for “City,” though surely P. Diddy has at one point set a legal precedent that can argue otherwise, one which isn’t immediately available. However, the fact that he can even turn this in on time is compelling evidence of Johnston’s political savvy, at least in light of Wyclef Jean’s complete and utter failure to make the Haitian Presidential Ticket, as Clef’s a larger celebrity running for a more public office. Then again, that could speak simply for the nature of Wasilla politics, as this is the place from whence a Sarah Palin did so emerge. Anyway, if Johnston did get elected mayor, surely there’s some way he could exercise some kind of ridiculous hell on the Palin family he’s clearly been trying to exact since impregnating their daughter, fighting for custody of their granddaughter, starring in a reality show, talking to Vanity Fair, doing a Playgirl spread, etc, etc. For whatever it’s worth, though, we look forward to a hard-fought mayoral campaign, including some kind of absurd social media strategy and what is essentially now a bad Christopher Guest movie come to life.